Month: December 2018

New Year

2019 is upon us. They say a new year is for new beginnings. It’s a refresh, a restart mentally for many. It gives us hope that things can be different. It can become the new date to which we will use as when things changed for us, when we took our power and control of …

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Old You

I hear this a lot in therapy sessions…’I just want to feel normal again’. Many grievers spend so much time and energy focusing on trying to go back to being who they used to be before their loved ones died. They long for the naive bubble we all live in that protects us from walking …

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Online Affairs

Many studies suggest they are the biggest threat to modern marriages since women entered the work force. There are many different forms or avenues one could indulge in that would constitute online cheating, dependent on what the partners have deemed inappropriate or crossing a line. The level of participation can be a sidelines view such …

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Morning Sex

Morning sex. Its an under-utilized time of day to have sex but the benefits to each partner and to the couple are vast. It has been said it is even better for you than coffee in the morning! It simultaneously relaxes you by calming nerves and wakes up your brain to feel alert and awake. Orgasms …

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