Sometimes the hardest thing to accept is an apology that you never received. Sometimes death stole that moment away from you and sometimes the person who hurt you will not apologize. Hanging on to the pain they caused waiting for an apology robs you of your present and your future. And really it robs you of your past as the present becomes the past. Accepting that you will never hear sorry for what someone has done to you is not easy. 

Try to think of it this way, you are giving parts of yourself away at the cost of your time, energy, emotions and health.

You are only hurting your now because of their past actions. Accepting an apology you never received becomes much easier when we take our power back. We then can start to realize that you are not ‘losing’ or admitting what they did was right when we accept a non-said apology, we are saying I value my life and time to let what you did to me consume me. We ourselves have the power to right their wrongs to us by taking control of the hurt and changing it in ourselves. That’s the thing that breaks our chain to them and their hurtful action and that’s more powerful than any apology you wanted to get.


Constantly replaying what happened or wishing for a conversation you wanted to have, will not change the person that hurt you, the situation, the outcome or how you felt about it. Nothing can change what they did, you only have control of how you cope, react and accept the situation as it was.


If you have hurt someone YOU don’t get decide if you hurt them, they decide if you hurt them, whether you agree with it or not and if you have been hurt no one has the right to say you shouldn’t be hurt. Own your emotions and don’t try to control others emotions

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