Betrayal Grief

Betrayal Grief:

Grief does not just occur when someone dies, it can come when someone you love and trusted betrays that trust. Infidelity is the number one way that a partner betrays their partners’ trust and love. The partner cheated on usually has similar symptoms of death grief such as inability to sleep, difficulty concentrating, intense anger, depression, waves of pain, shock, denial, false hope and avoidance. Just like death grief, betrayal grief needs to be felt and experienced or will disrupt your life even more than it already does. Embracing this grief and making room for it, will help you rebuild some energy to feel happiness and joy again.


  1. Give yourself permission to grieve and prevent it from overwhelming you by allowing yourself to go through it-it is a normal process when we lose something or someone.
  2. Eliminate betrayal triggers as much as you can. This is not always easy if you share a home or children with the betrayer. However taking control of any of the triggers you can do something about, such as unfriending, unfollowing, taking pictures down, going to different grocery stores or restaurants, will go along way in your recovery.
  3. Get your body moving. Even just small walks will help your body in its healing from the negative physical, emotional, and mental symptoms of betrayal grief.
  4. Self care-do what you need to do for yourself. You need to be your own advocate and do any activity that will help the healing. Examples of this are therapy, venting with someone close to you, baths, journaling, listening to music, getting a bit more rest than normal. Anything that will help your mood is acceptable.

Music Recommendation:

Taylor Swift – You Should’ve Said No

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