Disconnecting Couples

So many people report feeling like there is a disconnect in their relationship. They say the sex isn’t like it used to be, it’s boring, neither of us are really that into it anymore. It feels that way so much because instead of using our phones to communicate more with our partner, flirt more with our partner, it has become a wall, a barrier, a distraction from our partners. We stare at it while they are talking to us, we seem more interested in comments on a tweet or post than we do about what the person we love is saying to us. It steals time away from relationships, we play on our phones rather than engaging in touch, play, laughter with one another. Sex then suffers because there is such a disconnect outside the bedroom that it shows in the bedroom. Of course ‘sex isn’t like it used to be’, it was new back then, now it’s not so new and you have to invest in the time to explore and pleasure more. In the beginning you both were putting in more time and connection but once that commitment was established, other things like your phone, took priority. Be the master of your phone time, don’t let the phone control how often you are on it. When you free up more time for your partners, it will be a domino effect and the sex will get better again.


Give yourself time frames and limits for your phone use when you are with your partner. Put the phones down and concentrate on relationship building, talking, laughing, doing fun things, making memories. We will not remember one minute we spent on our phones but we will remember amazing moments with our partners.


When away from your partner, use the phone to your advantage and send flirty and fun texts, ask in the middle of the day ‘how is your day going’

Little messages like these go a long way.
Music Recommendation: Luke Bryan – Do I (https://open.spotify.com/track/7A5CReD6yWe0rrkJym34QI)

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