Do They Still Feel?

Many grievers have said the thought of their loved one being cremated or buried is a very hard thing to accept. Even though logically we know they aren’t in their body anymore we still worry they can feel pain. We worry about illogical things like if they are freezing in the ground. Many grievers have a hard time, especially in the first part of acute grief, to leave them in the cemetery by themselves. Those left to mourn still have an attachment to the physical body of their loved ones.

Our minds struggle with detaching the person we love with their physical bodies. It’s the strongest in the beginning when we fully haven’t accepted their passing. It becomes more a fleeting thought every now and again later on for some.

Every so often or sometimes often, life triggers us again that our loved ones have passed and for a brief moment it’s like finding out they just passed all over again. It’s in those times we are more susceptible to those ‘illogical’ thoughts like they are lonely in their grave or cold in their grave, or felt their cremation.


Breathe through it when you are thinking this way. Deep breaths in and out. Visually ground yourself by looking around at your surroundings and naming items, colours or things you see. Keep doing that and taking deep breaths until the illogical worry is gone or lessened.

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