Today is bittersweet just like most holidays now are. For we try take in the joy of the holidays with those we love that are here however our hearts are heavy for our loved one(s) that aren’t. We miss sharing normal days with but these special days are even harder for most. It’s like big flashing sign that ‘you’re loved one is gone’. You can set out a seat or make their favorite dish but it doesn’t bring them back. So on Easter, yet another holiday they aren’t here, be kind to yourself, try to be present as much as you can for those here but allow yourself to grieve and feel sad. The key is don’t ignore it or keep it in but balancing with being present too.


Do not try live up to the pressures of ‘your loved one wouldn’t want you sad on Easter’ or ‘its Easter try to let it go today’. Your loved one wouldn’t want you holding onto feelings letting eat you up on the inside. They would want you to try be as present as you can and try to make positive memories with family and friends still but they would also have compassion for the pain of loss because they would feel that too if it were reversed. Don’t let the holiday pressures, of how others and society think grievers should be, get to you and influence you to not be authentic to your grief .

Song Suggestion: Jealous of the Angels – Donna Taggert

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