If you have ever delayed gratification just long enough for your desire to grow so fierce you feel like you’re going to burst, then you’ve already experienced the concept behind edging. Simply put, edging is when you bring yourself or your partner close to orgasm, back off before the orgasm is reached, and then build back up the sexual energy to approach the orgasm again. It’s a powerful technique to use to build up the intensity and desire in your partner and in yourself. Waiting to get your reward until you’ve completed a task is the same psychological premise behind edging.

 There is a massive amount of blood flow to the pelvic region when you build up to orgasm and stop and then repeat. The increased blood flow in the genitals produces stronger erections in males and more sensitive clitoris’ in females. To practice edging with yourself, use your trusted and tried methods you love that normally make you climax but then switch it up and use different speeds and techniques. Then full out stop. Go do another task like laundry before playing again. The more build up the more powerful and explosive your orgasm will be. 

With a partner, communicate prior that you want to practice edging on them or them on you. Otherwise there could be miscommunication about why you aren’t making them climax and why you are taking so long to cum yourself. If you are the receiving partner, playfully pushing your partner away when you are about to cum or telling them you are about to is helpful. Pleasing them to give yourself a break is most appreciated. The point of edging is to not rush yourself or your partner. Edging is all about relaxation and focusing on pleasure in the moment.


Some couples enjoy playing red, green and yellow light. It helps identify to their partners in a quick manner what they like and don’t like and when they are approaching orgasm. 


When the receiving partner is close to orgasm, slowly back off by touching other parts of the body in a slow and controlled manner. You want divert the sexual energy not for it to cease.

(Thanks to Lelo for the photograph)

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