Honor Your Loved Ones

These words do not mean that everything you do and every decision you make you have had to have the approval of your loved one. We are not meant to live their lives. What this statement means is to live your life your way, but add qualities or traits about your loved one into your life. We love them for a reason, we miss them for a reason. Think about what those reasons are.

Maybe your mom loved having big meals for and with her family on Thanksgiving. Maybe your husband loved the garden in the backyard. Maybe your daughter always smiled. Maybe your dad never gave up on his dreams. Try and incorporate some of those loves and qualities of theirs into your life. It helps to keep parts of them alive.

We will all pass away one day and while children biologically carry genes forward, it is what people DO that carries on who we were. We are not just our eye color, our height or our skin color. What makes us beings that people miss is how we made them feel and how we were to them. Carrying on genes is not a fraction as important as carrying on someone’s legacy. Carrying on what made them the people that we love and miss is how they love on. We cannot ask others to take this on, we can only be responsible for ourselves.

I challenge you to think about a personality trait, tradition, hobby or cause that your loved one too great joy in and see if there are ways you can bring it forth in yourself, in your life or in the causes that you support.

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