Morning Sex

Morning sex. Its an under-utilized time of day to have sex but the benefits to each partner and to the couple are vast.
It has been said it is even better for you than coffee in the morning! It simultaneously relaxes you by calming nerves and wakes up your brain to feel alert and awake. Orgasms and pleasure will increase oxygen and blood flow to your brain and other vital organs. It helps our moods by helping start our day with positive emotion.
It is beneficial for the couple because they start the day connecting and sharing intimacy. Your days, schedules, and stress levels are rarely ever going to be identical, which means you’re likely to have mismatched energy levels by the end of the day which is a major reason sex gets put off. If that happens too often, it affects the relationship. Morning sex helps take the pressure to perform off at night when one or both may be too tired from the day.


Most people are too groggy to be self conscious during morning sex because drowsiness can have the same effect as alcohol and lower inhibitions and make you less self aware…..without the hangover!


When the sun hangs low in the sky, its light becomes diffused and softens. Because of this morning sex has some pretty amazing mood lighting! It’s called the Golden Hour and makes everything redder and softer the first hour after sunrise.

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