New Year

2019 is upon us. They say a new year is for new beginnings. It’s a refresh, a restart mentally for many. It gives us hope that things can be different. It can become the new date to which we will use as when things changed for us, when we took our power and control of ourselves back. We wake to all of the possibilities of a new year. One of our first objectives is likely to seek a rebalancing of our physical body from the holiday overexertions. The next objective should be focusing on our emotional and mental needs and wants. Recognizing what our strengths are and using them for our growth development also recognizing our weaknesses and what we can do to improve them. I want a year of growth, strength and peace for you all. We are all fighting demons, let’s help support one another and not be afraid to ask for support when we need it too. Wanting to grow does not mean you are small or weak, it means you are powerful because you know there is no limit, no ceiling in becoming who you want to be.


If you decide to make ‘resolutions’ please don’t have them to do with your physical appearance. You are beautiful and amazing as you look. If you want to change things physically, then have them focus on things like lowering cholesterol, improving your run time, lowering sugar intake, feeling comfortable in your skin, doing 30 min walks daily etc. I implore to not focus or worry on fitting into a size or losing weight. Those can be and usually are by products of improving other health related things anyways. But don’t make vanity type things a resolution. Go look in the mirror now and own the hell out of every scar, freckle, mole, crooked tooth, stomach roll, grey hair, wrinkle on your face. That’s you and that’s pretty frickin amazing.


Sometimes a new year means to someone another year without their loved one. A new year is another year since their loved one passed. It begins another cycle of holidays and good/bad times their loved one won’t be there for. It’s a new year they are starting that will have no memories of their loved one in it. If this is you, try to look at it as new year to focus on your healing and gaining strength and have hope and faith this year may get a bit more manageable for you.

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