Nipple Play

Nipple play is a great enhancement to sex and foreplay. It’s also something that both genders can have arousal from. Both men and women have the same amount of nerve endings in their nipples but sensitivity does vary among individuals. Sensitivities also vary depending on the time of the month it is particularly for females. 

There are a few different methods and ways you can stimulate your partners nipples :

  • Lick and flick: Start with soft, gentle licking and sucking, and try stiffening your tongue to flick it over the nipple in rapid succession.
  • Pinch and pull: If you are with someone that can handle a bit more, try gently pinching them and pulling them with your thumb and index finger.
  • Biting: Start with the other methods first and if they are enjoying it, then try light nibbling. Some partners may like you to bite harder.
  • Clamps: Choose one that’s adjustable, and then you can find the right size for your own level. They provide light to hard nipple pressure.
  • Vibrators: You can use a vibrator on them and adjust to the speed you prefer.


Use it alone for stimulation or combine it with penetration, oral sex, or fingering. Specific positions such as a riding or missionary can give a partner easier access to their partners nipples. 


Nipple play can intensify orgasms and it can increase sexual arousal. So don’t forget to utilize it


Open communication about how much pressure and what methods the receiving partner is comfortable with is most important 

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