Online Affairs

Many studies suggest they are the biggest threat to modern marriages since women entered the work force. There are many different forms or avenues one could indulge in that would constitute online cheating, dependent on what the partners have deemed inappropriate or crossing a line. The level of participation can be a sidelines view such as watching porn to communicative such as instant messaging, chat rooms to real world such as texting, FaceTiming, phoning one another. 

There is said to be a few reasons for the amount of people that engage in online affairs:

  • Accessibility: 
    You can cheat in some form or another at any given time of the day from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go out to meet someone and you don’t need complete privacy to communicate with them.
  • Affordability: 
    Previously if you wanted more than your partner, you had to pay for phone sex, pay for porn, pay an escort, pay for hotel rooms and dates. Now you can get many desires fulfilled for the cost of your internet and cell bill.
  • Anonymity: 
    You don’t have to say who you really are, or use your real name, or even tell people where you are really from. This appeals to people having affairs because there is a false sense of security that they won’t get caught if no one really knows who they are and also getting to make up a name, a job, a look, even a life is an escape and arousing to many people.


It is best to not ignore warning signs and address underlying problems BEFORE someone cheats


If you are feeling tempted to have an online affair or are having one, it means you are unhappy with yourself and you are not getting what you want from your partner. You should do some self reflection on what you are lacking from your partnership as well as areas you aren’t happy with yourself and addressing them instead of looking for a quick distraction to make yourself feel better.

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