Sex in the Kitchen

Sex in the kitchen can be an amazing alternative to bedroom or living room sex. The kitchen has many areas that can be a great height for varying positions. It has many staging platforms for positions. Furthermore most kitchens don’t have full size windows or as many windows as living rooms may, so the couple can feel an element of exhibitionism without much risk of anyone actually seeing anything. According to some recent studies, the kitchen was the second favourite place to have sex indoors. Having sex in another area from the bedroom can be quite an aphrodisiac because it forces a couple to break out of their typical routine and positions. It can contribute to either or both partners feeling naughtier and increasing desire.  


Maximize your surroundings so if you and your partner are into it, use food in your foreplay. Using whip cream to lick it off your partner, using a cold strawberry on your partners nipples or clitoris then eating it together or honey or chocolate can be licked off one another. If food isn’t your thing, using spatulas or spoons to light spanking or using a cold metal rounded utensil like a spoon to graze your partners body can be very sensual. Make the most of objects in the kitchen that you don’t typically have in a bedroom.


Set the scene before you have kitchen sex. Make sure the kitchen is relatively clean before you begin. Put away any cutlery that could injure someone, make sure all the burners are off and cool, and wipe down counters. Certain condiments or food particles like jalapeños could cause one of the partners to break out in a rash or cause pain to very sensitive areas. Wiping down counters is also important because if you prop your partner or you are the partner propped on the counter, you don’t want food crumbs going in places they don’t belong and causing pain. BON APPETIT! 

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