Sexuality Coaching Services

“May all your ups and downs be between the sheets”

Sexuality and sexual health coaching and counseling focuses on how to take pride and ownership in your sexuality, needs and desires. It focuses on developing informed, confident sexual individuals.

Flourish Within recognizes and embraces that our sexual knowledge, needs and wants change during different ages and stages of our lives. Teens and young women are educated to understand their sexual health in order to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health and identity. They are educated to become confident and respected in their sexuality to help avoid anyone exploiting them. Women and Men are coached on the derailers we all experience individually and as a couple that impede us from living our best sexual life. During these sessions we will examine common derailers such as self esteem issues, cultural and religious views, being a parent, marital issues, stress, medical issues, separation and divorce, as well as any personal derailers you are experiencing.

Sexuality and Sexual Health is all-encompassing. Our sexual health and identity affect every other aspect of our lives yet it often gets the most neglected. Girls, boys, men and women need to take hold of their rights and responsibilities around their own sexuality. Empowering males and females to own who they are and that their sexuality is their right and obligation alone is imperative to helping build and shape confident informed people. In a society with increasing sexual assaults committed on teens and young women, consent and empowerment are crucial areas that need to be educated to both males and females.

My counseling specialties are:

  • Facilitating individual sexuality, desire and empowerment
  • Resolving relationship issues
  • Overcoming infidelity
  • Reproductive issues including infertility and family planning
  • Perinatal loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion)
  • Non-monogamous relationships
  • Enhancing sexuality at different life stages (teens, adults, seniors)
  • Sexual education and development for all ages
  • Increasing intimacy, trust and sexual satisfaction between partners

Sessions and Rates

Initial Assessment (60 minutes)

An initial assessment to determine goals, expectations and a course of treatment / continuation or follow-up.

$100 / 60 minutes (individual) — $125 / 90 minutes (couple)

In-person or Telephone Counseling Available

Flourish Within offers both in-person counseling and telephone counseling available during days and evenings to further accommodate your needs and busy schedule.

Need advice?

Something that you want to talk about that’s not listed? Have any questions about something sensitive or need advice on a variety of topics?