Most men love or at least wouldn’t say no to a partner that wants to swallow. However for the swallowers, there is a division because many do not like to do it for a variety of reasons, some are scared to do it, some absolutely love to do it and some do it because it’s erotic & something their partner likes. And truth be told some have done it because of a surprise cum!

Men tend to like the act because of the submissive nature of it. Men (or one man in the case of two male partner sex) usually take the dominant role in bed because they are the ones inserting something. It’s not a sexist reason, it’s more a biological characteristic. So because of their dominance in bed, swallowing their cum ends the session on submissive note by their partner. It’s also fantasized about because of its prevalence in porn.
So what you should know about swallowing cum if you’d like to try it.

Cum does have taste. The taste is different with each load. It is very dependent on the nutrition of your partner. Greasy food, asparagus, coffee, and other foods cause it to be more bitter. Things like fruit juice and sweet fruit will make it taste sweeter.

The texture is also different with each load. It can be almost watery to a thick viscous substance. If you are a texture eater this may affect your ability to enjoy swallowing.

Swallowing is a personal choice and no one should ever make anyone shallow. I would recommend trying it at least once with a partner you trust and feel safe with just to see what it’s like to you.


If you have never done it or find it difficult to swallow Id recommend having him ejaculate at the back of your throat the best you can to help allow the easiest way to swallow.


Have a glass of water or fruit juice handy to help wash down any taste as well. Fruit juice will break up any of the residual seminal fluid that may coat the tongue and throat.


Swallowing cum is not a safe sex practice so please make sure your partner is STI free!

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