The House That Built Me

Do you ever feel lost? Like you’ve traveled so far from your home…..the home you grew in. I refrain from using grew up in, yes you grew up in it, but more importantly it’s where you grew inside in. It’s where we found moments of comfort, laughter,sadness, anger, loneliness. It’s where we shaped a lot of who we are and sometimes more importantly who we aren’t. We saw things we wanted to carry forward in our own homes and saw things we wanted to leave behind forever. It’s where some our brokenness happened that we are still trying to heal from. It’s where some of our safety and security came from that we yearn for now that we have left home. That home houses many memories and emotions. We leave that home, we build our own lives and homes and sometimes in the chaos of life we forget to go back. Yes you may go there for supper still, drop the kids off to grandparents, visit your parents. Or maybe your family doesn’t own that home anymore and you can’t go back. When I say go back, I mean we forget to go back to our roots. We forget where we came from. We let the world try to replace or distort what made us and shape us into what it needs, instead of what we are. We forget the home that built us.


Most of us had some good memories in our homes. Don’t forget about them. They may be a long time ago but they helped make you who you are and will keep your soul grounded. Most of us has some bad memories in our homes as well. Don’t let them rule your actions negatively. Don’t give them power. Learn from them and let the power go but don’t forget completely. Recognize similarities, triggers and patterns so you don’t repeat the same errors to yourself, your partner, your children or anyone else. We can use what built us in that home to continue building us now.

Music Recommendation:

Miranda Lambert – The House That Built Me

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