Vacation Sex

acation sex can put a lot of spice back into a relationship. If you’re single and partake in vacation sex it can be some of the best sex you will experience. There’s many reasons for this:

  1. You are more relaxed. Stress is a huge deterrent for sex and when we get to relax our minds and bodies, it increases our libidos and want for sex.
  2. You have more time you can devote to yourself and a partner. You can focus on having fun. You can have sex anytime you want instead of typically before bed like at home.
  3. A new place is exciting and it gets the adrenaline and endorphins surging through us constantly. We feel more free and adventurous on vacations. Trying new food, seeing new things sparks our curiosity to try new things during sex too.
  4. You feel more connected to yourself and your partner if you have one. Booking a trip, planning, getting to airport and navigating new airports and transfers, getting to the hotel and finding places to go see and eat at gives many of us a sense of accomplishment. When we do that with a partner, it can make you feel like a team and you have one another’s backs. This increases connection between you both which translates into some hot sex.


While you’re on vacation take advantage of all the things your new surroundings have to offer, like an outdoor shower or a balcony shielded from public view. Getting sexy in new spaces can force you to get creative with positions.


Your inhibitions become naturally lowered on vacation from the relaxing so if there is a sex toy or position/style of sex you have debated trying, come prepared with the toy or lubricant!

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